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The Land

Since the Islamic era, the lands of Son Togores have been treasured for being fertile and beautiful. If they could talk, they would tell us stories about knights, conquerors, counts and how they have passed from family to family, generation after generation.

Today, the fields continue to bear fruit: oranges, lemons, olives and almonds just to name a few.

There are more than 100 sheep
and 1000 almond trees

Since 1891

The houses of Son Togores are relatively modern, built in 1891 incorporating classical and neo-baroque elements. The small chapel is in the courtyard 'clastra', the meeting point of the possession that opens its grandiose doors to the different high-ceilinged halls and an old tafona. Lush gardens adorned with fountains and flowers surround its imposing stone walls.

On the facade there is a sundial that says: "Qualsevol hora del dia es sa millor per fer via" - Any time of day is the best time to hurry.
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